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LAffordable and Clean EnergyThe most simple tasks can be a challenge without clean and affordable energy. In Africa 1.2 billion people live without any access to electricity at all. In areas without safe and reliable access to electricity, children struggle to find light to do homework, families cook food over smoky open fires, hospitals can’t power life-saving equipment or refrigerate medicines, and businesses can’t operate at full capacity.Sustainable and reliable access to energy enables people to work their way out of poverty, and not just by powering basic services but


Ekasi Energy partners with Save Energy Austria to solve cooking issues in Uganda

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. It has over 3 million inhabitants and is growing by >5%.  Over 90% of households use charcoal as cooking fuel and the Kampala-Masindi district consumes over 8 million bags of charcoal per year, more the 50% of demand.  This represents charcoal demand of over 60 million tons, made from over 300 million tons of wood. Uganda’s forest is fast disappearing as a result and is a natural disaster. Biomass pellets are a natural combustion fuel made from waste materials and Austria is a leader in the field of pellet technology both fo

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