FabFuel – Locally Produced Biomass Cooking Pellets

pellets measure around 6-10mm in diameter, 10-30mm in length and have a cylindrical shape. They are a more efficient energy source than raw wood, because they have a moisture content of less than 10%, and are denser than natural wood. Pellets can be burnt at extremely high temperatures with good combustion efficiency

Made from local waste resources means lower logistics costs, less biomass waste with fire risk and opportunities for adding value to natural resources normally dumped or burned.

Pellets are easy to store and distribute, requiring no specialised equipment in the supply chain after manufacture, and the fuel can easily be split into smaller packaging along the way.The consumer is able to buy cooking fuel in any quantity they wish, from a full month’s supply down to just daily needs. The granular nature of the product also allows them to load just the right amount of fuel needed for the cooking task at hand.

This FabFuel provides a home cooking option with the ease of use of a modern liquid fuel at lower unit cost to the user and a dramatically lower cost to the environment!