FabTainer – Containerised Manufacturing Plant

Producing pellets requires manufacturing resources and technical expertise, which include access to a reliable power supply, access to machine technology and finance, and skills to operate the plant. Our modular containerized manufacturing solutions do just this for you!

Video Showing Plant Processing Black Wattle Chips

We create partnerships to establish independently owned and managed pellet manufacturing plants in urban peri-urban areas, and equip them to be able to source local raw materials, provide their own (off-grid) energy supply, and use local skills and labor for daily operations.


We reason is that localized distributed businesses lower the manufactured pellet cost / kg by:

  • Using local waste resources available at a lower cost (and normally burned / dumped),
  • Using local upskilled labor,
  • Avoiding the high logistics costs of moving / storing low value fuel over long distances,
  • Mechanizing biomass conversion, and using innovative ways to market the fuel.

We are actively looking for entrepreneurs to partner with us to bring about a revolution in the biomass cooking market in Africa and beyond!


The turnkey plant is fully automated, and all the equipment is locally is manufactured in South Africa in partnership with a well established engineering specialist in the agriculture Field.

We have done extensive testing on hard and soft woods and provide engineering support and spares locally

It is mobile and designed to be operated as close to the biomass waste resource as possible and can be powered from grid power or an off grid generator.

Pellets as energy heating alternative is now preferred in many European heating applications. The Ekasi Energy solution provides the ability to operate a small pellet with the same automation of a large plant without the same investment and/or risk.

Rated Output- 2 pellet mills:\t400 kg per hour
Pellet Size is6-8mm Wood Pellets
Moisture <10% Durability 95% Durability Input Material: Dried Wood Chips G30 – G40 Capital Cost: R1,200,000 (excl VAT) Commercial Life: 30,000 hours / 12,000 tons Packaging Assembled in Shipping Containers Maint Cost incl Dies 30% per Year
Power Required: 250 kWh / ton
Hammer Mill 25 kWh / ton
Pellet Mill 50 kWh / ton
Other Automation 25 kWh / ton
Maximum Draw 100 kWe